Programs with Discernment Around a Group Issue

By practicing discernment in relation to a challenging issue of importance to all present, a group learns how to conduct business and resolve group issues in a mode of prayerful listening that draws members into a closer relationship with God and one another even when the issue is divisive. These programs are based on the book Grounded in God.


Grounded in God retreats: Learning to Conduct Meetings Using a Discernment Approach

Consensus building workshops for decision-making bodies: Church Governing Boards (such as Parish Councils, Vestries, Synods, and Dioceses), Non-profit Boards, Christian Education committees, Search committees, Church commissions.


Spiritual Conflict Resolution: Opening the Ear of Your Heart

Creates a safe atmosphere for participants to become open and vulnerable to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit as they wrestle with a divisive issue that confronts them.


Mission Statement Workshops: To Discern Mission and Develop a Mission Statement

Prayerfully engages a congregation or a governing board to discern the voice of God through its name, its history, its geographic location, the needs of its members, and the needs of the wider community.


Search Committee Workshops

Prepares a search committee to conduct its business in a God-centered way using the principles of spiritual discernment.


Discernment Listening Guidelines Retreat: Cultivating a Culture of Deep, Prayerful Listening

Equips leadership and develops a strategy for establishing Discernment Listening Guidelines as group norms for a congregation.


Spiritual Grounding for Strategic Planning: A Day of Preparation to Use Spiritual Discernment for Planning

An evening-morning-afternoon workshop that teaches the principles of spiritual discernment to all who will be engaged in a strategic planning effort.