Mission Statement Workshops

To Discern Mission and Develop a Mission Statement


Here is a one-day workshop that engages a group in spiritual discernment with the express objective of formulating a strong concise mission statement.

Intended Audience

This workshop is suitable for any congregation, judicatory, faith-based not –for- profit board of trustees, or related committee charged with preparing a mission statement.

Summary of Content

Be it a congregation, a committee, a judicatory, or a board—the group begins by considering its name, its history, its membership and location—reflecting on how each informs its mission. Once a sense of its unique calling solidifies, each person goes off on their own to offer the work of the group to God and open their hearts to be further informed and shaped by the Spirit through a creative meditation activity. After sharing the fruits of this time of meditation, the group distills all that has transpired to develop and fine-tune a single sentence that clearly conveys its mission in a way that reads well and is easy to quote.

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