Search Committee Workshops

Discernment Workshop for a Search Committee


This all day workshop (9 to 5) prepares a search committee to conduct its business in a God-centered way based on the principles of spiritual discernment.

Intended Audience

Any church-related committee conducting a search to fill a significant position such as rector, bishop, music director, head of a church-related school, or executive director for a faith based not-for-profit organization.

Summary of Content

This one-day workshop carefully introduces the basic building blocks of spiritual discernment one by one to lay a solid foundation for deep prayerful listening and consensus building. It then engages the group in an afternoon of spiritual discernment to help it assimilate the principles through actual experience.

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Participant Feedback

“I learned a lot and am thankful for the training.”

“It was one of our first meetings as a group & I now feel better able to take part.”

“It was very freeing to be told not to plan what we wanted to say while trying to listen to another. The pauses and silence are wonderful for experiencing God’s peace.”

“I did feel God was speaking thru the members of the group and in shared Scriptures.”

Aspects of the workshop most important to me: “Sharing our faith and goals in a not threatening environment. The freedom to speak or not speak.”

“[to be drawn into a closer relationship with God and others in the group] was the most significant part of our workshop.”

“I wish I could share this experience with others outside of this group.”

“…the entire day offered us an excellent means to work & grow together.”

“This training and the materials provided are excellent.”

“I believe this workshop has really set us on the right track.”

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