Spiritual Grounding for Strategic Planning

A Day of Preparation to Use Spiritual Discernment for Strategic Planning


For a group charged with drawing up a strategic plan for a congregation, judicatory, or faith-based organization, Listening Hearts can conduct a one-day workshop that prepares its members to work together using spiritual discernment. This can make the strategic planning a God-centered endeavor that draws those involved into a closer relationship with God and one another while producing a stronger plan that is in sync with the divine purpose.

Intended Audience

Any strategic planning group that seeks to be aligned with God’s will benefits from taking this discernment approach to its work.

Summary of Content

First constructing a foundation of deep, prayerful listening, this retreat-day goes on to expand the horizon by tapping into the imagination with creative meditation activity. It wraps up by enumerating the signs of spiritual consensus and looking to see to what extent they manifested themselves in the course of the day. Song, silence, solitude, conviviality, and group sharing weave together throughout the workshop.

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Participant feedback

“… truly a Christ-centered experience & I go out rejoicing! … . Thanking you and thanking God.”

“… new tools—prayerful listening—that we need to learn how to use as a community.”

“It gave me an opportunity to grow in my relationship with my fellow parishioners.”

“More meetings should be conducted like this.”

“The groundwork was laid.”

“We need to share this process with all our groups, committees & ministries.”

“This was a wonderful day. Great leader.”

“God continually shows me new ways to relate.”

“Important understandings occurred among us.”

“The small groups—larger group participation was very helpful.”

“It has been my desire for a long time that [our parish] learn prayerful listening.”

“Being God-centered all day in the presence of others was an exciting experience.”

“We need to carry on the way we’ve begun today. A very good day.”

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