Listening Hearts Retreats

Experiential Approach to Seeking God’s Guidance 


Based on the book Listening Hearts, these retreats give each participant opportunity to learn the basic principles of spiritual discernment while engaging in discernment in relation to his or her own life. By connecting at a deep level through prayerful listening, participants grow closer to God and to one another. Each retreat is tailored to meet the needs and objectives of the client, and can be designed around a specific theme if so desired.

Intended Audience

These retreats are suitable for any size group, be it large or small: a congregation, a spiritual formation group, youth group, men’s group, women’s group, church support group, church related school, or conference center.

Summary of Content

Singing, imaginative engagement with Scripture, quiet reflection, and small group sharing combine with fellowship, artistic expression and group interaction to strengthen the bonds of spiritual community.

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Participant Feedback

“Awesome! Informative”

“Spiritual, informative, focused, uplifting”

“Very inspiring & heart-opening.”

“I especially liked getting off by myself in quiet places about the building & listening, praying.”

“Has left me with much ‘food for thought’…thought provoking, interesting, authentic extraordinary—life changing”

“I didn’t feel rushed or crowded–Opportunity for quiet reflection and sharing with others”

“I’ve learned new ways to meditate that I’ve never done. The idea that God can speak to me through the result of my creative activity (drawing or clay) is new and exciting.”

“I liked the community building through the small groups.”

“I was able to interact with people I might not have talked with normally.”

“The (uncommon to me) practice of centering and speaking from the heart in small groups helped me spend time present to God.”

“What an honor and privilege to share so deeply in the lives of others.”

“Spent time present to God, deeply & significantly, inside me, outside me, in others, among us.”

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