For University Students and Recent Graduates

Seeking God’s Guidance for the Path Ahead


In these retreats, classic spiritual practice combines with contemporary insights from psychology and science to engage young adults in a quest for God’s guidance as they wrestle with life choices they face, be they personal or professional. Song, silence, solitude, creative engagement with Scripture and reflective sharing weave together to draw participants into a meaningful encounter with God and one another.

Intended Audience

These retreats are geared to university upperclassmen, graduate students, recent graduates, and interns who have a desire to see the path ahead more clearly.

Summary of Content

Each participant identifies his or her own issue of concern and converts it into a question addressed to God to use throughout the retreat. A carefully developed format enables each person to enter into discernment around their own issue while learning the basic principles of discernment that can be used through the course of ones entire life. All of this takes place in a community of peers with a commitment to deep listening and mutual respect.

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