In Listening Hearts Programs, silence, song, Scripture, creative meditation activities, and small group sharing weave together to form an engaging flow between solitude and community. While firmly grounded in classic spiritual wisdom that spans the centuries, Listening Hearts retreats and workshops are keenly attuned to contemporary insights derived from science, psychology, and the arts. Each program is tailored to meet the goals and desires of the client group.


For Groups of Any Size

Day of Discernment

How to Listen to God’s Voice

Introduces a congregation to the basics of spiritual discernment.  

Listening Hearts Retreats

Experiential Approach to Seeking God’s Guidance

An overnight or longer retreat for: *Congregations *Retreat Centers *Men’s Groups *Women’s Groups *High School Groups.  

Does God Speak to Me?

How to Tune-in to God’s Voice

A One-Day Retreat to help participants experience the voice of God. Especially appropriate for Advent or Lent.  

Retreats for University Students and Recent Graduates

Seeking God’s Guidance for the Path Ahead

Can be of any length. Can incorporate social events.  

Clergy Retreats

Based on the book Keeping in Tune with God: Listening Hearts Discernment for Clergy

Can be planned as a retreat day or as an in-depth residential retreat of up to four days.  



Grounded in God Retreats

Learning to Conduct Meetings Using a Discernment Approach

Consensus building workshops for decision-making bodies: *Church Governing Boards such as Parish Councils, Vestries, Synods and Dioceses 

*Non-profit Boards *Christian Education Committees  *Search Committees  *Church Commissions.   

Opening the Ear of Your Heart

Spiritual Conflict Resolution

Creates a safe atmosphere for participants to become open and vulnerable to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit as they wrestle with a divisive issue that confronts them.  

Mission Statement Workshops

To Discern Mission and Develop a Mission Statement

Prayerfully engages a congregation or a governing board to discern the voice of God through its name, its history, its geographic location, the needs of its members, and the needs of the wider community.  

Discernment Listening Guidelines Retreat

Cultivating a Culture of Deep, Prayerful Listening

Equips leadership and develops a strategy for establishing Discernment Listening Guidelines as group norms for a congregation.  

Spiritual Grounding for Strategic Planning

A Day of Preparation to Use Spiritual Discernment for Strategic Planning

An evening-morning-afternoon workshop that teaches the principles of spiritual discernment to all who will be engaged in a strategic planning effort.  


Tuning in to God and One Another

A two-night overnight retreat to provide leaders in congregations or groups of campus ministers with experience and resource materials to deepen the spiritual life of their worshiping communities on a continuing basis.

Training Week for Trainers

A six-night residential program that trains leaders who can establish trained discernment ministry teams.

Follow-Up Workshops

Overnight renewal retreats for facilitators (leaders) and trained discerners.  

Certificate Program for Trainers of Discerners

A twelve-week online distance learning course followed by a four-night overnight residential retreat.  

Training Trainers for Parish Discernment Committees

To Implement the Episcopal Church Title III Canons on Ministry

Carefully trains and equips Diocesan Facilitators to train and mentor Parish Discernment Committees in the practice of spiritual discernment. 

Training Judicatory Trainers

Training for Facilitators: To Train and Mentor Discernment Committees in Various Congregations

Includes workshops, creative meditation exercises, and supervised discernment sessions rooted in classic spirituality. 

Eight-Day Spiritual Discernment Retreat

An intensive in-depth immersion in the practice of spiritual discernment. For groups of six people with a common sponsor. Based on Listening Hearts: Discerning Call in Community and Grounded in God: Listening Hearts Discernment for Group Deliberations.

Teaching the Art of Spiritual Discernment

To train participants in the art of facilitating and mentoring spiritual discernment groups using the Listening Hearts approach.