Heartlinks: Library of Meditations for Individuals or Groups

Welcome to Heartlinks, Listening Hearts Ministries’ creative meditation library. These meditations are excellent for private prayer and also work well as program materials for group meetings.

These meditations draw upon the practice of spiritual discernment, rooted in Quaker and monastic traditions, as developed over the past twenty-five years by Listening Hearts Ministries. They are designed to bring clarity, renewed energy, and heightened attunement to God’s presence in our daily lives. In discernment we bring our questions about what God is calling us to do or to be. Choose a meditation, print it out. Find a quiet, comfortable place and invite the Holy Spirit to awaken the ear of your heart.


  1. Meditation with Light
  2. Water Meditation
  3. Dancing Meditation
  4. Silent Contemplation
  5. Meditation with the Breath
  6. Drawing as Spiritual Discernment
  7. Meditation with a Leaf
  8. Write a Hymn
  9. Creative Meditation with Sticks
  10. Meditative Collage
  11. Write a Poem
  12. Create a Symbol
  13. Writing with an Open Heart
  14. Take a Walk
  15. Write a Letter to God