Create a Symbol

A call may not be so much a call to “do” as to “be.” – Listening Hearts, p 9

symbolSituate yourself near a surface on which you can eventually create your symbol. Bring paper, colored pencils, and a pair of scissors with you.

Take a moment to become settled. Draw slow, deep breaths, quieting your body and mind. Take the circumstances of your daily life into your meditation with you. If possible, identify a discernment question or an issue with which you may be wrestling.

Read the following passage from Scripture, or if you’d prefer, choose a different passage with which you’d like to meditate today.

On the day I called, you answered me, you increased my strength of soul. – Psalm 138:3

Silently read the text over and over to yourself, allowing the words to sink in deeply. Eventually, but not necessarily, you may consolidate the passage into a few words, or even one word. Repeat it meditatively for as long as you like.

Finally, let yourself fall still. Allow God’s presence to permeate you and your life situation.

You are now ready to begin creating a symbol.

Take out your drawing materials and a piece of paper. Express the thoughts of your heart through geometric shapes: circles, squares, triangles, straight lines, swirls, and/or curving lines. Select colors that convey your feelings.

When you come to a stopping place, take some time to look at the symbol you have created. Work on it further if so moved. Finally, use your scissors to trim away the excess paper. Sit quietly with your symbol, enveloped in God’s presence.

Bring your meditation to a close: take a few final moments in nurturing silence to offer this expression to God.

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