Meditation with Light

To listen to God, we need to become still within. – Grounded in God, p 12

3467438446_bd3040494c_mThis exercise uses light as a focal point for meditation. Select a candle or other source of light (such as a small lamp or lantern), then find a comfortable spot where you can sit or kneel for a time without interruption. All you need is your light (and a match if using a candle).

Take long, deep breaths. Gently survey your current life situation. If possible, identify a specific concern with which you are wrestling. You may be struggling in a personal relationship, considering a career change, facing a moral or ethical dilemma, or simply feeling a need to clarify your priorities. Take as much quiet time as you need to allow this discernment question to become firmly embedded in your consciousness, so that it remains with you throughout your meditation.

Offer yourself, including your concern or question, to God.

Read the following Scriptural passage, or if you prefer, select another passage for your meditation.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.—Psalm 119:105

Reflectively read your passage. Repeat it over and over until you fully absorb it. Eventually, but not necessarily, you may zero in on a single phrase, or even one word.

When you feel ready, place your light in a suitable spot. Holding your discernment issue and your Scripture text close to your heart, allow yourself to become still before the light. Let your thoughts and feelings float as you direct your gaze toward it. If your mind is wandering too far, use the light and/or your word(s) from Scripture to gently re-focus yourself in God’s healing presence.

If a strong inspiration or an experience of clarity seizes you, neither push it away nor hold onto it; let it come, but also let it go. Return to the light, centering yourself, sitting open-handed with God.

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