Write a Poem

… no relationship with God, especially not an intimate one, is possible without mutual listening. – Listening Hearts, p 61

picjumbo.com_IMG_1804All you will need is a pen, paper, and a flat surface to write on.

Take a moment to become settled and quiet. Draw slow, deep breaths. Bring the circumstances of your daily life into your meditation with you, taking time to identify any question or issue with which you may be wrestling. If nothing specific comes to mind that you would like to reflect upon, get in tune with the general state of your being.

Read the following scriptural passage, or if you prefer, select another passage that you’d like to meditate with today.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find … – Matthew 7:7

Read the words over and over to yourself, allowing them to sink into your body, mind, and soul. Eventually, but not necessarily, you may consolidate the passage into a few words, or even one word. As your text becomes part of you, it might feel right to close your eyes. Take as much time as you like to become centered, attuned, and still.

When you feel ready, offer all that you are – including your discernment issue, if you identified one – to God. Allow God’s presence to permeate you and your life situation.

Take out your pen and paper.

Begin to write a poem. It does not have to be in rhyme or meter. Let your thoughts and feelings flow; God can touch you as you write and through what you have written.

When you have finished your poem, read over it; absorb it. Then simply bask in God’s healing presence for a few moments.

Say a final prayer of thanks, offering this expression to God.

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