Writing with an Open Heart

… discernment depends on a willing and open heart … –Listening Hearts, p 95

open heartAll you need is pen, paper, and a flat surface to write on.

Become settled, quieting your body and mind by drawing slow, deep breaths. Bring the circumstances of your daily life into your meditation with you, taking time to identify any question or issue with which you may be wrestling. Wait in silence. If nothing comes to mind, become aware of how you are feeling in this moment.

Read the following scriptural passage, or if you prefer, select another passage with which you’d like to meditate with today.

Make room in your hearts … – 2 Corinthians 7:2

Read the words over and over to yourself, allowing them to sink in. Take them into your body, mind, and soul. You may eventually zero in on one or two words; you may want to close your eyes. Allow God’s presence to wash over you. Take as much time with the passage as you like to become centered, attuned, and still.

When you feel ready, open your eyes and take out your pen and paper. Holding both your words from Scripture and your discernment issue in your heart, write a list of questions that emerge for you: questions about your concerns, questions about your feelings, questions about your own life experience. Write as much as you like.

Then go back and respond to the questions one at a time. Write a stream-of-consciousness passage to go with each one. Do not think about what you are putting on the paper or censor what you are writing. Do not worry about spelling, punctuation, or sentence structure. Let go of your inhibitions so that your words tumble out freely. Respond to your questions with whatever comes into your mind.

When you have finished, look over your words, or simply return to the stillness you began in. Remain open, that God might speak to you through your writing.

Take a moment to silently offer this expression to God.

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