Manual for Listening Hearts Ministry Teams

This manual capsulizes important aspects of a Listening Hearts Discernment Ministry Team program, providing practical examples of how the principles of spiritual discernment can be used in a faith community. This manual is meant to be used in conjunction with Listening Hearts brochures and fliers and other manuals. Each person actively involved in a discernment ministry team can download this entire manual or download specific chapters for ready reference. Individual chapters can be downloaded and printed out to be used as handouts for discernment ministry programs. The section name is included as the first page of the first chapter of each section.


  1. Overview: Discovering a New Dimension


  1. Reading and Retreats
  2. Practicum Workshops
  3. Practicum Discernment Sessions
  4. Mentoring Practicum Discernment Sessions
  5. Support and Renewal


  1. Informing the Congregation
  2. Providing Programs
  3. Permeating the Congregation
  4. Ordering Priorities
  5. Coordinating the Effort


  1. What Is a Discernment Group?
  2. The Contact Person
  3. The Focus Person
  4. Serving in a Discernment Group
  5. Convening a Discernment Group
  6. Outline for Convening the Discernment Session
  7. Closing Reflections

Download the entire Manual for Listening Hearts Ministry Teams