Coordinating the Effort

Coordinating the work of the ministry team is an important job that needs to be done well. Whoever assumes this position probably should not take responsibility for any other specific work of the team. It is the coordinator who schedules and convenes the meetings of the team. In between the meetings, the coordinator keeps close tabs on each area of responsibility that the group has decided to assume, making sure that all of the work gets done properly and in a timely manner. If problems arise, the coordinator needs to either work them out or call a special meeting of the group.

The coordinator needs to make sure that careful notes are taken at each meeting and distributed to the members to help those involved remember what they agreed to do. This helps keep the life of the group on track.

Responsibilities can be reviewed and re-negotiated at each meeting. This often prevents burnout. If discernment is sought on a continuing basis, the ministry team should stay fresh and alive in the Spirit.

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