Informing the Congregation

Congregations are fluid. New people move in as others move out. People’s circumstances change; their readiness to hear a particular message fluctuates. Publicity needs to be constant so that it can hit the right person at the right time. Moreover, people forget easily. Information needs to be reinforced in as many ways as possible. Disseminate the details about Listening Hearts programs and books through fliers, brochures, Sunday bulletins, parish newsletters, and bulletin boards. Make announcements at meetings, education programs, and worship services.

The program also needs to be explained in as many ways as possible. Explain something one way and one person perks up. Explain it another way and someone else responds. For this reason, it is best to draw upon different individuals to write or speak from one time to the next.

A plan for the year can help ensure that publicity is varied and well-paced. Listening Hearts brochures, book fliers, and Listening Hearts publicity packets are available from the office of Listening Hearts Ministries in Baltimore, at, or at 410-366-1851.

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