Spiritual Primer

Volume One: A Primer on Spiritual Discernment

This primer features a short concise treatise on each of twelve topics that provide a foundation for all that follows in Open Hearts. The entire section can be printed out to make a booklet. Or copies of each topic can be printed out separately to distribute as a basis for discussion at group gatherings. The topics addressed are fundamental to contemplative practice of all kinds. 


  1. What is Discernment?
  2. Formulating a Question for Discernment
  3. Centering Silence
  4. Applying the Mind
  5. Detachment: Letting Go
  6. Engaging the Imagination
  7. Contemplative Sharing
  8. Signs of the Spirit
  9. Spiritual Consensus
  10. Humility
  11. Taking Action!
  12. And Fruits Appear in the Fullness of Time
  13. Discernment as Withdrawal and Return

Download the entire Primer on Spiritual Discernment