Renewal Retreat for Leaders and Groups


This overnight retreat (1) keeps trained discernment ministry teams current on new insights gleaned from practical experience; (2) introduces refinements in their program materials; and (3) helps the group see how it can build on what has gone well and remedy areas of weakness. All of this is accomplished in the context of teaching the participants how to lead Grounded in God retreats for decision-making groups.

Intended Audience

Trainers who were trained as a group come back together annually along with all of the discerners they have trained. This is an opportunity for them to recharge their batteries, sharpen their discernment skills, and forge bonds of spiritual community.

Summary of Content

Using the Grounded in God model, these retreats teach through experience how to conduct a Grounded in God retreat. Participants reflect on their work as a discernment ministry team, then carry those reflections into a creative meditation exercise, and continue in a contemplative mode as they await a consensus that knits them together, heart and mind.

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Participant feedback

“Good easy, relaxed pace—Humor, conversation at appropriate times.”

“Design was diverse in discussion, activity, silence—well distributed.”

“The tone [was] gentle, caring, and light hearted!”

“An opportunity to come together in faith with a small part of my church community & share our journeys.”

“Wonderful to be in community with discerners & feel a moving forward.”

“This is a new way of living life by experiencing God in relationship.”

“The focus of the entire program is God & listening to God & following God in community.”

“Participation—open and honest.”

“Pace was unhurried—people shared a lot.”

“Particularly helpful: the meditation session, the dialog & focused sharing. The size of the group was ideal.”

“Meditation was helpful to bring insights. Sharing gave opportunity to know how discerners are experiencing their role, the role of the program and problems as well as benefits.”

“The day generated ideas & brought us together in an intimate way.”

“Old friends meeting in trust to be renewed, recertified, and mutually supportive.”

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