Listening Hearts Launches its Ministry into the Future

by Suzanne Farnham, Founder In June of 1991 Listening Hearts came off the press with nine concise chapters of distilled wisdom, gleaned from spiritual literature on discernment of call in community, spanning the centuries. In clear everyday language it made what had been the preserve of monks, nuns, and ordained clergy accessible to the average […]

In Memoriam: Co-Author and Trustee R. Taylor “Teto” McLean

by Joe Gill Listening Hearts co-author, long-time Listening Hearts (LH) board member, and former president Teto McLean passed away on January 15, 2021. He was 92. Teto was a lawyer, birder, music lover, tennis player, father, and husband to LH board member Patricia Friend and formerly to Peggy Merrick, who died in 2002. He was […]