Mike Croghan, Trustee

Mike Croghan joined the board in 2012 and is helping Listening Hearts Ministries increase its accessible, online materials, as well as reaching out to the “emerging” church and the “spiritual but not religious” community. Mike first encountered Listening Hearts in 2003 through board member Frances Sullinger. He was trained as a Listening Hearts discerner in 2011-2012.

Mike was baptized and confirmed in the Episcopal Church as a child, but grew up mostly outside the Church. He was always drawn to religion and faith, and minored in Religion while earning his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. His spiritual journey included three years as a practicing Tibetan Buddhist before returning to the Church in 2003. Mike has been a member of the Church of the Holy Comforter (Episcopal) in Vienna, VA, since 2003. He’s also been a member of the Church of the Common Table, a small, trans-denominational “emerging” church also based in Vienna, since 2006. Mike has served both congregations in a variety of capacities, and has volunteered for several local and national non-profits. He’s a member of the board of the Committee for Helping Others, a Vienna-based charity organization.

Mike lives with his wife, Tina Driskell, in Herndon, VA, and works as a software developer for Gannett Co., the parent company of USA TODAY and over 100 local newspapers. When he’s not doing churchy things or hacking on computer code, Mike enjoys jogging, writing poetry, reading comic books, watching sci-fi TV and movies, and spending time with friends.

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