How to Listen to God’s Voice


This experiential retreat day is an ideal way to introduce the practice of spiritual discernment to a congregation. It familiarizes participants with basic components of discernment while drawing them into a more intimate relationship with God and one another.

Intended Audience

This program is appropriate for any congregation, no matter how big or how small. It also is suitable for any cluster of spiritual seekers.

Summary of Content

Over the course of the day, each participant is able to seek God’s guidance around an individual issue of concern—perhaps a difficult personal relationship or a problem at work; maybe reordering their priorities or resolving a moral or ethical dilemma. There is a gentle flow back and forth between solitude and community. There are opportunities to go off alone for creative meditation activities and times to share reflections in a small group setting. It is an occasion to deepen the bonds of Christian community.

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Participant Feedback

“Perfect. Even the music upon entering. Food for body & soul. Ease and competence of workshop facilitators. Flow of design. The initial invitation to share in large group was extremely effective, built trust, open.”

“The tone was very gentle and caring.”

“Very open. There was a great deal of trust.”

“Seamless facilitation team; held the container; verbally and non-verbally gave us permission to be open.”

“Well organized and carefully thought through design; clear goals and objectives—realized these by the end of the workshop. Pace, rhythm (large, small groups and individual time) terrific.”

“….it was wonderful in tone, balance, and content.”

“The quiet personal time followed by small group interaction were very helpful.”

“Guidelines for listening—terrific.”

“I am shocked by how creative activities bring out important thoughts, feelings, & revelations.”

“Enabled a greater appreciation of who we are as a parish.”

“Clear sense of where [we] might follow up to deepen and extend ministry.”

“[The leader’s] empathy and willingness to be flexible, accepting, and at the same time encouraging caused a little bit of magic to happen.”

“Totally wonderful. A ‘life changing’ experience.”

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