To prepare facilitators to train and mentor discernment committees for congregations


This program provides a diocese or judicatory with a training program and resources to offer discernment of call in community to all members of their congregations. It carefully prepares facilitators to train and mentor discernment committees within their various congregations. It includes formats and materials to support the work of these committees.

Intended Audience

Each training group consists of six people from their judicatory or diocese selected to serve as facilitators. In addition, one staff person may be sent to audit the training, observing the discernment sessions and fully participating in all other aspects of the training. Prospective facilitators need to possess leadership qualities and be conscientious, diplomatic, and spiritually mature. They must be committed to the principles put forth in Listening Hearts and Grounded in God.

Summary of Content

Facilitators attend two one-night overnight training retreats, scheduled a few weeks apart at a retreat facility. Workshops, creative meditation exercises, and supervised discernment sessions provide an immersion experience in discernment that is rooted in classic spirituality. Participants leave with program materials that equip them to teach spiritual discernment to congregation-based discernment committees and thereafter provide guidance and encouragement to those groups as they carry out their responsibilities.

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Participant Feedback

“The most prayerful group experience I have had over an extended period.”

“An excellent grace-filled experience.”

“The integration of all the senses in the learning process leads to better listening.”

“The idea of resting in God has taken on a new meaning.”

“Very soaked in prayer.”

“The written materials were easily accessible and gave structure to my process of trying to learn.”

“I have gained many more tools, most of which were at hand, but needed to be oiled and sharpened before they were useful.”

“This time has probably been the most important use of time apart for retreat that I have ever had.”

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